Deep Voice Mastery Review – Is Deep Voice Mastery A Scam?

March 10th, 2010

Deep Voice MasteryA little info about the product in review: Deep Voice Mastery is a product that claims to transform your voice into a deep, strong, sexy voice in 9 days, or atleast that’s what I gathered from the web page. It was created by author Rudy Haynes, a man who has suffered from having a high-pitched, squeaky voice for 32 years. At current, he is selling his product for $47, to which he claims is a limited time 50% discount off the original price.

For those who are wondering if deep voice mastery is a scam, here is my own personal experience with deep voice mastery. I guess you could just call it my review.

I stumbled upon this product deep voice mastery through a search on Google. Various terms like “how to get a deeper voice”, “how to make your voice sound deeper”, “how to get a deep voice”, etc. until I eventually ended up at the deep voice mastery website.

Is Deep Voice Mastery a Scam?

I admit I was skeptical at first. How can you not be skeptical with anything online? With so many scams online, it’s hard to trust anything. So, of course I had my doubts, but I went through with the purchase out of desperation. It was the first purchase I ever made online, and it was quite an expensive one at that actually. $47 to be exact. Although my decision to buy wasn’t exactly well thought out, I thought that with the 60 day money back guarantee on the site, it was a no brainer.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention what’s in the book, I don’t really want to get into any legal trouble here, I’m still young – only 20. But what I can say is despite my initial skepticism, I am exceedingly happy I went through with the purchase.

Although I’m a student on a strict budget, and the $47 price tag was actually quite expensive for me, I have no regrets whatsoever with my purchase. After following the methods and exercises explained in the book, my voice started to deepen after approximately 8 days. I didn’t notice it at first, only until this girl from my class pointed it out to me. In her words, “what the… what happened to your voice!?”. I didn’t know if she meant that in a good way or what, so I asked her “why? what’s wrong with it?”, and she replied, “Nothing. it just sounds different, like you just hit puberty or something, but I just quite like it. It sounds sexy.” If it wasn’t her, my family would’ve probably been the first to notice, but I no longer live with them. Anyways, I just innocently replied, “Uhh, who knows..”

She was the first person to notice because she’s pretty much the only person I really talk to. My voice has impacted on my confidence so much that I basically have no other friends but her. She is actually very pretty, and one of the popular girls around the campus. Maybe she just sees through my imperfections and befriends me anyway, but that’s beyond the point.

Back to the story..

So, to sum it up, after only about 8 days, my voice became deeper. I started off with one of those annoying squeaky voices, so that was no doubt a big change. I was happy of course, but I still had my doubts. What if it was just temporary? I stopped the exercises and stopped using the methods outlined in the book just to see what would happen. After a whole month of being off the program, I decided to ask that same girl if my voice sounded the same, or if it changed yet again. She answered and said “No, your voice sounds the same actually. So, what happened to you? Was I right, did you just hit puberty?” – haha, she sounds mean when you read it, but she actually said it jokingly, maybe even in a flirtacious manner. Who knows.

It’s kind of scary to think that the changes were actually permanent, but at the same time, this is what I wanted, and this permanent changed was pretty much what the whole website was boasting about anyway, so I probably should’ve expected it, but as usual, I had my doubts. Anyways, I recorded my voice on the computer using a free voice recording program called Audacity, and it actually scared me at first, I just couldn’t believe it. The words that initially came out of my mouth were “no… that’s not me. my voice couldn’t have changed that much..”

If I had a choice, I wouldn’t go back to the way things were before. I am alot more confident now, I start conversations more often, more confident with school presentations, and it has generally helped me so much with my social and school life.

So, with that said, I’d like to give back to the person that gave me my life back: I highly recommend Deep Voice Mastery. Rudy Haynes really knows his stuff. The guide is easy to follow, and explained in a clear manner that anyone can understand.

You can download Deep Voice Mastery below:

Download Deep Voice Mastery

Mike London’s “A Deeper Voice, Right Away” Review

March 3rd, 2010

Before you think about buying Mike London’s eBook, read this first!

It is very important that you read this first. You may end up wasting your money. That’s $67 down the drain, more than half of $100, and I’m sure that’s alot of money to pretty much anyone, unless you’re filthy rich, which you probably aren’t (just like me). And that’s why you’re here, you’re wondering if this product is a scam and/or worth your money, and I will tell you the truth right here and now.

Is “Deeper Voice, Right Away” by Mike London A Scam?

I have personally purchased this eBook myself, and to answer your question: It is not a scam. I would’ve classified it as a scam if I didn’t get my refund back, but luckily I did! So yes, they do honour their 60 day money back guarantee! But that’s the only good thing I have to say about this product.

The actual product itself is a HUGE disappointment. I learned NOTHING new. I had already been researching on how to get a deeper voice, watched a few YouTube videos, and read a few guides on Google, and the information in the book was nothing new to me. All the methods explained will only temporarily change your voice, or deepen it for that matter. It’s like sucking in the helium from a balloon, the squeaky voice you get is temporary! And the same with the results you get with Mike London’s damn eBook.

Another funny thing about Mike London’s website – Have any of you noticed this?

On Mike London’s website, he has a picture of him as a kid, advertising himself as a “dweeby lookin kid with glasses”:

And here we have a picture of the supposed “new” Mike London,  who has suddenly transformed into the deep voice master.

What do you think guys? I call bullshit.

These TWO pictures are NOT the same person. I honestly don’t understand how anyone can even fall for this, but I guess we just scroll through the page and mindlessly go to the buy button – as I did. I only noticed it now as I carefully read through the page and actually paid attention to every single detail this time around..

I admit I was sucked in by the salesletter at first and didn’t notice this initially before buying the product, but wow, now that I look back, this was one of those telltale signs..